Portfolio of Douglas Larson           Prepared for Compass Group


Having been in the business of selling large quantities of various types of assets, I have had much experience with content/marketing creation, preparation, organization, searching and delivery. Here are a few examples of projects I have worked on:


I oversaw and helped create thousands of images for over 50 Cricut cutting machine cartridges. These files had to be arranged a specific way in order to function with the hardware. Not only did it require organization within Cricut's system, but within our own as well. My job was to insure that the content for this customer conformed to their brand and was easy to retrieve.


Over a decade ago, I created the site LetteringDelights.com

I have since sold it off, but to this day they continue to use the system I created. The site contains thousands of various types of art content, such as fonts, illustrations, photographs, alphabets and PDFs. Each set has keywords, SKUs and metadata associated with them. I also oversaw setting up their social media channels, doing A/B testing on the ads to provide insights and optimize the response.


Raincards is an app which enables the user to quickly create a greeting card and print it at a local store like Walgreens. For this app, I created the UI, the default art, and the template that other artists would use to insert their content into the app. Working directly with the developer, we also employed a system of attaching metadata to the content.


Ideal Bodyworks sells online health-related training materials. They have many illustrations, presentations, videos and and other digital assets (some with several iterations). I designed all the illustrations, and created web pages and social media content for the product. See https://idealbodyworks.thinkific.com.


Over the period of 6 or 7 years, my company created more than a dozen packaged CDs for Creating Keepsakes Magazine. Ultimately they sold half a million units. I was responsible for not only creating consumable digital content such as fonts, graphics and print-outs, I was also in charge of the package design (according to their specs) and printing, as well as the UI for an application which enabled the end user to search, access and customize the provided art. 

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