The Horizon Tribute Books was a concept of print-on-demand memory books for funeral services, using templates and scripts in Adobe Illustrator. I set up an ai file making it so a customized book could be created in less than an hour, with all the backgrounds, elements, overlays and various options. Below you see the concept for the web site, which would easily let the customer choose what they wanted and have the book ready within 3 to 4 days (which was the whole point--so it could be passed around at the service). 


*Full Name




*Zip Code


*Name of Tribute Recipient

Date of Birth/Death



1. Customer Information
2. Pages and Photos
3. Style 
4. Expressions
5. Embellishments
6. Book Cover
7. Eulogy/Text
8. Source Photos
9. Checkout

TOTAL: $105

includes tax and shipping