Let's face it...

When it comes to photographs and paintings of LDS temples, most of what is available, while serene and respectul, is not usually very colorful or artistic. It is also very uncommon to have original work. Instead, prints and reproductions adorn the walls of our homes. And if someone did want a custom piece, they would most likely be paying thousands of dollars for it. 


Years ago, wanting a different look and feel to what is out there, I created a large painting (commissioned by my wife) of the Manti temple for our front room. While the temple itself was visible, we wanted to display the colors, textures and abstract movement which we feel is representative of life. (The colors also matched in our room). Since then, I have done several other temples in this style and given them away as gifts to friends and family. A few examples:

Kona Temple

Manti Temple

St George Temple

Draper Temple

Be Expressive!

After producing several of these minimalist, decorative and even abstract paintings, I have learned that people enjoy something new and different from the same ol' carbon copies. I have also honed my skills and am prepared to bring this style to others at a price which won't break the bank. It is my commitment to create something which will brighten and add life your home and will be a one-of-a-kind composition that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Douglas Larson

Owner/Artist, Inspire Graphics



Usually, a temple will lend itself to either a landscape or portrait canvas, but you may choose whatever suits you best. 





$399 plus tax






Custom Size

(larger than 864 square inches)

$599 plus tax


$.75 per sq in

plus tax

Color Schemes





Customized Color Scheme

We offer the ability to match a painting to an existing color scheme. Just send us some swatches and we will work with you to be sure and get it right.

$150 extra

Painting Styles

Decorative (texture)

Splashy (drips)

Abstract (shapes & lines)

$50 extra

$50 extra


Satin: (Medium sheen) Colors are a little less vivid, and there is brush texture to the finish.

Gloss: (High Sheen) Colors are more vivid, and there is a reflective polish to the finish.


All paintings are done with a gallery wrap (the painting continues around the edges), which means that there are no other framing options available. The contemporary style of these paintings goes well with a gallery wrapped canvas and is pretty much self-framed as such. 

1/2" Deep

Gallery Wrap


As the number of temple paintings increases, we will show examples of the different temples. Until then, if you pick a temple which is being done for the first time, we will send you a thumbnail to give you an idea of the composition, and you can decide if you want to proceed from there. You may choose from any LDS temples.

Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Summer Decorative Style

Boise Temple

Boise Temple

Spring Splash Style

Payson Temple

Payson Temple

Summer Decorative Style

St. George Temple

St. George Temple

Fall Decorative Style

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Winter Decorative Style


Timpanogos Temple

Timpanogos Temple

Summer Decorative Style - Portrait

Boise Temple - Portrait

Boise Temple - Portrait

Spring Splash Style

Payson Temple - Portrait

Payson Temple - Portrait

Summer Decorative Style - Portrait

St. George Temple - Portrait

St. George Temple - Portrait

Fall Decorative Style - Portrait

Draper Temple

Draper Temple

Winter Splashy Style - Portrait




All paintings are created with a gallery wrapped canvas, a coat of white primer/texture (gesso), quality acrylic paints,  and a couple coats of satin or glossy varnish. This gives the paintings bright, vivid colors and enables quick drying so they can be processed in short order.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What about shipping?

If you live in Utah or Salt Lake County, we can deliver it to you or meet somewhere in the middle. Otherwise, we will package it up nicely and ship it to you (added shipping charges apply).

Do you do other subject matter besides temples?

Sure. We can do custom abstract, decorative, contemporary pieces. If you wanted to substitute the temple for a barn, house, or other structure of your choice, that would be a possibility. Expect the price to be about 20% more than the standard temple painting price, depending on the amount of work required. Please send us an email for more information: doug@inspiregraphics.com.  

Will your prices always remain the same?

Sadly, no. As demand increases and available time to paint diminishes, the prices will necessarily go up. So that means if you are thinking about getting a painting, the sooner you do it, the more likely it will be at a lower price.

How long will it take after I order a painting to receive it?

Ten days to two weeks, depending on the backlog of orders. If you would like to rush it and go to the front of the line, that option is available for an extra fee.

If I don't like the painting, can I return it?

These are not commissioned paintings per se; therefore the composition is at the discretion of the artist and not directed by the customer (other than the options you select). However, if it is a painting of a temple where you haven't seen a sample, you will get to see a thumbnail of the general look before the painting is complete. Besides that, all sales are final. Remember, though, as a general rule, paintings go UP in value, the longer you hold onto them. 

Can I purchase a painting as a gift for another person?

Most certainly. They are great as wedding, birthday, holiday, anniversary, and house-warming presents. The recipients will be thrilled, no question! If you would like to send the painting as a gift, please indicate so on the order form.

I know people who would love one of these. Do you offer any sort of affiliate sales program?

Short answer: YES! We are happy to thank you for sending people our direction. Please email us and we will give you more information.


I've always wanted a picture of the temple in our home but I've struggled to find one that felt like it complemented our decor.  When I first saw Doug's temples, I knew I had to have one. 
It's not only beautiful, it is truly creative. The colors are so gorgeous in person. I would highly recommend his paintings to anyone who wants to be unique in their choices for temple paintings. It would be a wonderful gift for a couple you love too!

--- Jill Smith

We had a painting done of the Payson temple and gave it to our son and his bride for a wedding gift. Compared to everything out there this painting was fresh and something they could call theirs forever. It was a definite hit!


---Pat Rollings


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