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If you ask me the question, "What inspires you?" the answer is always going to be "it depends." Engrained in me early on was the creed that form follows function, so I must first know 'why' I am designing something. What is the purpose of any design? If someone else has that answer, then my task becomes about posing lots of questions to understand what they want and doing research in a particular genre to present several possibilities from which they can choose. If I am the one to solve the purpose problem, then I must delve into other things such as processes, ROI, demographics, marketing and any other subject necessary to come to a functional and aesthetic design. That being said, I do have my preferences. 

If I had to use single words to describe my 'style,' they would be:








BEHANCE.NET - Leading edge of design style and trends

CREATIVEMARKET.COM - How people are selling design components (and cool fonts!)


I believe that within everyone is the ability to be creative, and in the process of doing so comes healing, self-realization/expression a just a whole lot of fun. Over the years, I have put on several "painting nights" (or days) where we get together as friends, family or just those with a desire to try something new and create. I try to focus on design principles using a reference (usually abstract) painting. Without exception, the participant comes out of the experience believing that they can do much more than they thought possible.


Here are a few videos I created for the SHOTBOX and a Facebook social promotion.


I like to dabble in painting, mostly using aquious oils and acrylic paint. I love abstract landscapes (especially trees) with lots of texture.